My campus

Our campus has extensive country facilities that allow the students a warm environment to energize the learning experience through ludic, sports and cultural projects.

The school has 12 modern classrooms which have a folding door system, that allow the opening of spaces within themselves, generating not only the possibility of having significant experiences with their surroundings, but also supporting the environment. Each classroom is equipped with a thermal coating in its ceiling, which regulates the internal temperature allowing greater comfort in the pedagogical space, also has internet network throughout the school that enables the use of tics in the classrooms, given that all of them have a smart TV as a learning support tool.

The students can also enjoy of the school´s library, an innovative place, built with a special design. All the wide green areas allow the students to enjoy pleasant and safe spaces. We have beautiful gardens that complement and embellish the facilities and transform it into a unique school and learning environment.

In February, we are beginning the construction of the new main building which will have an auditorium with a 170 people capacity, the new physics, chemistry, and biology labs, as well as the administrative offices, our arts classroom and new preschool learning environments.