Educational model

The education of the students in humane values contribute to the achievement of a conscious and sensitive human being as well as a more humane society.


The pedagogical work through competences allows the development of knowledge (to know), daily action (to do), and the continuous education (being) of each one of the individual of the institution.


Excellence in the academic development of the students contribute to consolidate an image of high credibility in the education community.


The recognition to the well-done work stimulate people and contribute to their development, and of the institution’s.


The planning and evaluation allows that each conduct facilitate the improvement of the pedagogical processes applied by the institution.


Free individuals can be formed through an integral education, as well as capable of facing and changing the world.


The continuous professional development of the teachers, directives, and support personnel, is fundamental for achieving the mission and vision of the school.


The family environment and the active participation of the parents with the school are key factors in the integral development of our students.